Cloth Diapers

This section is about cloth diapering. Our household will save approximately $4000 over the diapering life of our child in the next  2-3 years by using modern cloth diapers. These are NOT your mama's cloth diapers. The fit on cloth diapers is comparable to disposables. You have to wash them. You don't have to buy special detergent. You can hang dry them so you don't use more electricity. You can sun them to get out the stains. You can purchase very cute patterns to display on your child's bum.

Cloth Diapers are the way to go in this economy and if you are a stay at home mom/dad or have a childcare provider who will work with you. Most do. You will only need about 30 diapers for the life of your child before potty learning.
It is very hard to not become addicted to cloth. It is a delight and joy to save the money, deal with less rashes, and protect our environment.

Some of my all time favorite people to work with and buy diapers and supplies from are listed to the right and below. It takes some time to try out and see what works for your baby, but I guarantee you will be happier using cloth. Just try it, what are you waiting for! ?!