Jake and I in the Beco 4th gen

Have you ever need to go to the grocery store for one or two items and you really don't want to bring your child(ren)? Ever have a feeling that if you put them in the cart they will either a) get some disease illness from the germs on it or b) want to touch nothing EVERYTHING in sight?

Well, the solution for you would be to "wear" your baby. I wear my son everywhere. It is easier for me to strap him in his carrier and go.. rather than take out the cart wrap thing and strap it all together and sit him in it only to find that GASP the buckle is broken... ugh.. 5 minutes ... 10 minutes... another cart... I could have been IN and OUT already!

DO NOT SPEND $$ ON A BABY BJORN, INFANTINO, SNUGGLIE, or ERGO!) YACK! YUCK! YICK! Don't use those please. Click on the two photos below to see WHY these are horrible!

This is NOT proper

The types of carriers listed above are a danger to babies who are older than a few months... They are proven to be harmful to the parts between the legs and awful for mom or dad's back! Does that' baby to the left REALLY look happy?

Maybe, but she is dangling from her female area.. not comfy I'd say! They are not appropriate for real babywearing. The ones you should look at will support the baby behind the knees and distribute his/her weight evenly in a froggy style and NEVER hurt your back while wearing... ok .. maybe a little if the kid is 50 pounds... but who wants to really carry someone that heavy? They can most likely walk on their own next to you at that point.

So please, take a peek at some of these fabulous carriers and give one a try!